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Freeflow Rainwater Systems

Freeflow Rainwater Systems

Freeflow is a uPVC rainwater system… That’s just a posh way of saying it’s the brand of drainpipes and guttering products we stock/install. The Freeflow systems we currently stock are as follows: Round gutter system, Square gutter system, Round pipe system and Square pipe system. Currently, we stock the following products in black/white. We can get leather brown and caramel/toffee colours in on order if specifically ordered. We’re soon moving shops and when we do we will always have this in stock.

We also sell the ogee and deep flow systems for both pipe and gutter in the same colours as the round and square systems. We do need to special order these as well. In case you didn’t know, ogee is a cross between round/square and deep flow is what it says on the tin, it’s a deeper gutter and is more efficient at directing water flow as it can hold more water at any one time. Not only that but we can also order in a cast iron pipe/gutter system upon request.

Each shape i.e round/square/ogee/deep flow has their own complete set of parts that piece it all together.

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