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UPVC vs. Composite Doors: Which one is Better?

It does not matter if your home is from modern or ancient times; your front door can speak a lot about your character and taste.

Your front door often grabs the attention of visitors or guests; therefore, it should create a positive first impression. A pleasantly attractive door makes visitors feel a warm welcome into your home.

Composite front doors and UPVC doors are the two favorite materials for style-conscious homeowners. However, when it comes to choosing between UPVC and composite doors, it becomes a little challenging to make a choice.

So, let us find out what makes them different from each other and which one is better for your home – UPVC or Composite doors.

What are composite doors made of?

Composite doors are made of different materials. The material includes UPVC, glass, steel, insulating foam, and wood. In other words, they generally feature a steel frame with a timber core and insulated foam layer glued together and encased within Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

Composite external doors are manufactured under high-pressure conditions; therefore, the end result is a solid and secure door that can stand against all weather conditions.

What is a UPVC door made of?

UPVC’s full form is Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride which is a strong plastic, and no additives are inserted while manufactured. An insulated steel frame is encased in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride to create a sealed unit that is strong and thermally efficient. Of course, UPVC doors contain a plasticky finish, but they are an affordable and effective solution to secure your home with style.

Cost difference: UPVC Vs. Composite doors

Composite doors are usually costlier than like-for-like UPVC replacements. They are more expensive because they are manufactured using costlier materials and techniques in a more sophisticated way.

Both UPVC and composite doors offer great value for money in terms of energy savings, and both make your homes less risky of being robbed, though the initial outlay is more for a composite door frame vs. UPVC.

Colors and design

Composite doors exude a natural timber appearance; on the other hand, UPVC doors have a little plastic-sheen finish.

In terms of colors, you will find more shades of composite door colors than UPVC doors. However, you can choose several RAL colors. Irrespective of the material selected, you can also have a different color on the inside and the outside.

Regarding furniture, there is hardly any difference – you can select the handle, letterbox, and knocker according to the suitability of your home.

Bottom line

You shall consider many factors while deciding which door material is better for your home. The fact is that both UPVC and composite doors are well insulated, and it is almost impossible for burglars to break in through. Moreover, both require minimum maintenance.

UPVC doors are easy to afford as opposed to composite doors; they are thinner in appearance and offer a stylish finish to any home. On the other hand, Composite doors are virtually indistinguishable from timber; they boast similar functionality as UPVC but to a slightly higher standard. Therefore, they are more costly.

We know it is a difficult choice, and price plays an equally important role in decision-making. If you are looking for a new back door and it is the function that matters more than the final finish, UPVC will be a better option.

You can wait and save enough money to get your desired door if you want the composite look only.

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