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Bay Window Installation | UK Trade Windows Online

If you’re looking to refresh your home’s appearance with a bay window, UK Trade Windows & Doors can help.

Bay Windows UK

Bay windows have a traditional, elegant characteristic that appeals to potential house buyers in North London and can even raise the value of your home. Bay windows have a timeless appeal and can improve your home’s interior and exterior. They let in light from all sides and tend to bring in more light than a regular window, which increases radiant heat.

If you’re looking to refresh your home’s appearance with a bay window installation in the UK, we can help with the measurements.

We provide bay windows across North London for domestic and commercial customers. We are using uPVC for a durable, low-maintenance and secure window solution. The outer frames are fully reinforced, ensuring a robust window structure.

We cannot sell bay windows directly online due to their unique nature. It is recommended that you contact us using this contact number (020 8504 6766) to get a better idea regarding bay window installation and cost.

1. How to measure a bay window for blinds?

Ans. Measure from the top to the bottom of the window where you want the blinds to go. Take this measurement across the bay window at least three times and use the smallest of the three.

2. What is a bay window?

Ans. A bay window consists of three or more sections that bow outward. The picture window is in the centre, with another window on either side. Side windows are usually of the same type as the front windows. Bay windows are typically canted angled at 45 or 90 degrees.

3. How to measure a bay window?

Ans. Begin by measuring the widths of the two windows that create the bay’s ends. Tape measure to the middle of the adjoining window’s joint with the window you’re measuring. Place the tape measure tip on the seam between the window frame and the casing trim. On paper, make a note of the measurements.

4. Are bay windows outdated?

Ans. From a design and aesthetic integrity perspective, bay windows are on par compared to any other window type. However, one catch is that it transfers more heat into the house.

5. Can you have shutters on a bay window?

Ans. Yes, you absolutely can. A skilled person with knowledge inside and out of bay windows can help you implement shutters.


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