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UPVC Sliding Patio Doors | UK Trade Windows Online

Patio doors come in two different varieties, sliding and hinged. Each style of patio door offers various advantages for your property. To choose the best type, consider the space next to your patio entrance. Because they swing in or out, hinged patio doors take up more room. Because they open by sliding along a track, sliding patio doors provide you with additional usable space surrounding your patio door.

As a homeowner, you should consider security when deciding where to put your patio door. For instance, if your patio is next to a busy roadway, hinged patio doors typically have a deadbolt can be a fantastic alternative. For a view of the backyard, sliding patio doors may be preferable because they have a different locking system.

Every variety of patio doors has a unique locking system for security. Additionally, UK Trade offers a range of patio doors, including double-glazed patio doors and doors with 2, 3, or 4 panels.



1. How to secure patio doors?
A. A patio door lock is the most effective method for ensuring the safety of your sliding door.

2. How to fix a patio door that has dropped?
A. -Allen keys the door-side hinge screw.
-Close the patio door before adjusting.
-Test if it still drags after 1-2 clockwise turns.
-Adjust hinges for smooth opening and closing.

3. How to keep the patio door open in the wind?
A. You can place windbreakers or add an overhead patio door holder.

4. How to fix a gap in the patio door?
A. You can seal the gaps in a patio door with a seal strip.

5. What colour options are available for patio doors?
A. We have white, grey, and black patio doors.


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