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Sash Windows: Types of UPVC Sash Windows | What is the difference

uPVC sash windows are worth checking if you have to consider what type of uPVC windows would suit your home.

The sash window is one of the uPVC window styles that can provide an elegant look when renovating your home. Keep reading to know why uPVC windows are a good option.

What are uPVC sash windows?

Sash uPVC windows have one or two sliding panels that work independently. The bottom panel slides upward, and the upper panel slides downward.

These windows work through a sliding mechanism called Torsion Balance. You can open your window vertically for ventilation with a traditional look.

Two general types of uPVC sash windows

1. Single Hung

Single hung implies only one sash casement can slide vertically

2. Double Hung

Double hung implies both sash casements can slide vertically.

How much do uPVC windows cost?

The cost of sash uPVC windows ranges from £520-£960 depending upon the type of window.

1. White sash windows

The cost ranges from £520 to £830 for different sizes. The size options begin from 500mm x 500mm and range up to 1,200mm to 1,200mm.

2. Wood Effect

Wood effect type doors cost between £625 to £960 according to the window size. It is also available in size from 500mm x 500mm to 1,200mm x 1,200mm.

uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows are worth the money as they are waterproof, have strong insulation features that reduce your energy bills, and, most importantly, are safe and reliable.

Styles of uPVC windows

There are two popular uPVC window types available in terms of style.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian is a well-known style that contains two casement windows with six or more tiles.

One can also choose alternative options for the casement windows under this style. For instance, you can select only one casement window with six tiles and the other one with one tile.

Victorian Sash Windows

Victorian sash windows slightly differ in style from Georgian sash windows; these windows have fewer tiles in the casement.

These types of windows have two casement windows with two tiles. You can choose different options under this style. For example, you can select only one casement window with two tiles and the other one with only one tile.

Find the best uPVC sash windows.

It is not easy to choose windows for a home from different prices, styles, materials, etc. If you wish to renovate your house and are looking for uPVC sash windows for sale, we can help you select the right ones.

You can visit our official website for more information about uPVC windows or uPVC doors.

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