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Fixed: uPVC French Doors Not Closing Properly

Upvc French Doors not closing properly is a common problem during cold or hot weather. You might have noticed that the door has become harder to open and close, possibly due to loose hinges or humid conditions.

A misaligned door will not help provide safety for draughts and leakages and can become a safety concern for your home. There can be many reasons why patio doors will not shut, but the doors can be fixed.

Your uPVC door must be perfectly aligned to function correctly. This article has everything you can do to fix your uPVC French Doors that is hard to close properly.

How to Adjust a uPVC French Door

Upvc doors will not close if the hinges or frame of your door is damaged, which obstructs closing the door properly. Your uPVC doors require regular maintenance and adjustments as these doors get dragged over time.

There are various hinge types for uPVC doors, and all let you make minor adjustments. Adjusting hinges will solve the majority of the problem.

Below are some methods that can be used to adjust the hinges.

Adjust uPVC doors to stop the draught

uPVC doors help to keep draughts out of your home. You can ensure your doors are draught-proof by adjusting the door hinges and checking the seals.

  • First, locate the Allen key spot in your door hinge. Insert the key and adjust the door by twisting it. The door should move back towards the frame.
  • Keep repeating the procedure until your door is properly aligned.
  • If the weather stripping around the door is damaged, replace it.

Adjust the dragging door on the floor

Dragging doors can be irritating as they make unbearable noise while moving back and forth. This adjustment can work if the door drops towards the handle side, not the hinge side.

Adjust the screw on the door side of the hinge using the Allen key.
Rotate the screws clockwise twice to check if the door is still dragging. Tweak the hinges until the door moves smoothly.
You can ask for professional help if the door still drags.

Align the uPVC hinge from side to side
These uPVC French Doors can sometimes be misaligned sideways. The problem is possible to fix by adjusting the hinges.

Begin by removing the side cover hinges caps. You can rotate the adjustment drives from right to left to loosen the hinges and from left to right to tighten the hinge.
Do not try to adjust it just from a single side of the hinge. Rotate gradually from both sides until the desired adjustment is achieved.

Bottom line

Keeping your French Doors up-to-date is like ensuring safety. You do not have to have professional help to replace the hinges. So, even after adjusting the hinges, if your door is not aligning correctly, maybe it is time to change one or more hinges.

If you face issues even after adjusting your uPVC doors or your uPVC door is not closing properly at the bottom, you should seek a door professional for assistance.

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