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Unlocking the Charm: How to Hang a Wreath on a uPVC Door Like a Pro!

Wreaths have been popular as a much-loved traditional Christmas decoration. People have used wreaths to decorate their homes since the Elizabethan era, adding to their charm.

Wreaths offer such a spectrum of designs that they can easily be tailored to suit any person’s liking. They are the simplest way to express the Christmas spirit at the front of your home, even before scaling the rooftops with winding fairy lights.

Whatever the individual’s motivation, we all love a wreath for being the age-old symbol of Christmas. But many people hold back on buying one for a particular reason and are still determining how to hang one. As lovely as they look, no one would want an ugly nail-butt left protruding from their door when they take it down.

How to hang a wreath on a uPVC door?

There are many ways to hang your wreath rather than nailing it into your door. Let us explore some other methods you can use to turn your wreath without damaging it.

An individual can use a suction hook to hang the wreath for a uPVC door, which can be attached to the glass panels or the door itself.

Ribbons are also a good option for hanging wreaths on uPVC doors, as you can pass it through the letterbox and attach it to the backside of the door.

Attaching a Christmas wreath on uPVC doors requires considerable thought. Many modern uPVC doors have a ‘draft excluder’ (a strip of foam or rubber inserted in a door frame to prevent draughts) built-in to improve their thermal efficiency.

Doors with the draft excluder fitted at the top make the door’s shape and size look unusual or fragile. And, usually, it rules out an over-door hanger.

Aspects to look out for when choosing a suitable wreath on the Door

Weight of wreath

A wreath’s weight will significantly impact how you hang the wreath. Vacuum suction cups and self-adhesive hooks need support to hold a massive-sized wreath over a long time.

You should not abandon your dream of hanging a big and beautiful wreath, nor rely on nails that ruin your door. Nowadays, there are plenty of good quality self-adhesive hooks which are solid and long-lasting.

Wreath hangers over your door work collaboratively with gravity to provide additional resilience and stability. Many sturdy metal wreath hangers are manufactured nowadays, and such hangers are reliably strong enough to hold even a big wreath for a whole season.

Size of wreath

Before buying a ready-made Christmas wreath hanger for uPVC front door or hook, ensure the hook is big enough to hold your wreath.

If the selected wreath is particularly thick or has a robust wreath design, it could be easily knocked off by mistake.

The simplest way to avoid this is to secure a ribbon loop around the wreath and hang it on the hook.

Height of wreath

Another aspect of a wreath must be considered is the tricky placement issue on your front door. To get that traditional look, your wreath must be hung at eye level, with the center of the wreath about 140cm off the ground.

This is a guide, not a rule. But if you’re using an over-door hanger with a fixed height, and your wreath is either very big or very small.

Ways to attach a wreath to a door

Below are some of the conventional and well-accepted ways to hang a wreath, even how to hang a wreath on a door without a hanger.

Using an Over the Door Hanger

First, Let’s talk about the easiest way to hang a Christmas wreath by using a wreath door holder over the top of a standard door. They’re quick to put up, take down, and won’t leave any tacky residue.

They function by hooking to the top of the door and hanging the wreath on the other end of the S-shaped hook (hanging over the door), so they’ll happily hold a heavy wreath. They have various colors to help you style your hanger to match the wreath. You can even clear ones that will seamlessly suit any door.

Suppose you will get a hook that is wide enough or adjustable to hold your wreath correctly. They aren’t always easy to come across, so do your research.

Using a Ribbon

Use a long piece of ribbon, and attach one end to your wreath (be sure to fasten a tight bow around it to keep it intact in its place). Take the other end of the ribbon and place it over the top of your door through the narrow gap between the door frame and the door itself.

You can hang the wreath at your desired height by adjusting the ribbon’s length in front of the door without a hanger.

One traditionally practiced method is hanging the wreath by the door knocker. This method is simple as it uses something which already exists on the door; you need not have to worry about damaging the door’s surface in the course. It also saves the cost and labor of attaching a hanger.

Measure the length of the ribbon from the point on the backside of your door (where you would attach one side) to the position in front of the door where you would like your wreath to be. Loop the ribbon through the wreath and tie a bow-like shape.

Loop the tied end of your ribbon under your upside-down hook and drop the wreath over the top of the door so it hangs at the desired position.

If your wreath has a loop to hang it, it makes the job easier. Tying a loose circle of coordinating ribbon around the wreath is not a job that requires expertise. It would fit beautifully over the knocker. The ribbon loop should be brief; else, it might look clumsy.

Since the hanging portion of the knocker protrudes out, it would be easy for visitors to see it. But there are way safer methods to hang your wreath as this method makes your wreath easier to get stolen.

Hanging it using the letterbox

You can also use the ribbon method discussed above, i.e., anchoring your ribbon to the inside of your door via the letterbox. You could also use the ribbon to loop over your door.

Alternatively, you could hook your wreath from over or through your letterbox if you don’t have a door knocker. Of course, your wreath won’t hang in the top half of the door and will probably create an odd look.

The big drawback to both these methods is that they will impact the function of your letterbox. If you’ve hung a wreath directly on it, it will be out of action until after Christmas.

Using a magnetic wreath hook

If you like to decorate your front door every Christmas, a magnetic wreath hanger is a worthwhile investment.

Using magnetic hooks lets you move your wreath to your heart’s content if you want to alter it to your preferred height. They operate by positioning magnets on either side of your door, with a hook on the exterior to hang your wreath. They work excellently on glass panels that are thin enough to give a strong magnetic force.

If you’re using them on a front or back door made of glass or metal, a magnetic wreath hanger for an entry may be your only option. They are convenient to use. However, they are one of this list’s most expensive hanger options.

Using Command Strips

Here’s how to hang a wreath with a command hook on a door. These are the most readily available and most popularly used door wreath hangers.

It comes with a self-adhesive backside and a hook on the other side, and the glue patch is already attached to the hook, so all that is required is to peel off the backing paper covering the adhesive patch and attach the hook to the door.

The branded ‘Command Strips’ need an extra step. They come with adhesive pads separately packed in the box, so you must apply it on one side to the hook to paste it onto your door. It takes just a couple of seconds to prepare.

Some people will be concerned if command strips can hold a wreath as both a lush living wreath and a heavily decorated artificial one can be rather weighty, but they are rather delicate. You should avoid damaging your wreath by using a self-adhesive hook that won’t hold long.

But the branded Command Strips are reputed to be reliable and long-lasting. They also specify clear guidance on how much weight a particular hook can hold at the max. As long you know how much your wreath weighs, you can buy the corresponding hook, which can take its weight.

The main warning with this type of hook is to check that your door closes appropriately when installed.

Using a vacuum cup to hold the wreath

These cups are sold in plenty of places. They would not leave any deposition and can be repositioned without losing adhesive material. Command Hooks are sold in plenty of places.

Suction cups work well on uPVC doors.

A sturdy hook can create quite a firm grip, but check the recommended load for the hook while purchasing, especially if the wreath is large or covered in lots of heavy decorations.

The major problem with a suction cup is that a low-grade or small one might need to be more vital to hold the wreath for an extended period.


The best way to avoid damaging your door is not to hang the wreath on the door’s surface directly. If the door has a knocker, one could hang it using that instead. This approach works best for lightweight wreaths (typically the ones weighing under five pounds), or you could tie some ribbon around the wreath hook and secure it to your door knocker.

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